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1> How are fees to be paid?

Ans:- Fees if paid yearly 10% discount, half yearly 5% discount, quarterly no discount.

2> What is the method of teaching?

Ans:- More of explanation, understanding, Concept based, Discourage mugging.

3> Do you provide printed note?

Ans:- No, while explaining important concepts are put on the board, which the student has to note down.

4> How many students are there in batch?

Ans:- Groups of 5-6 students. Maximum 10-12 during the year.

5> What is the Admission Procedure?

Ans:- The Student has to come along with both the parents for evaluation & interaction after fixing an appointment over phone.

6> How often do you take tests?

Ans:- For 10th Std Students we have special test series on the entire syllabus after 15th Dec. For rest of the students we take periodic tests to evaluate them.





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