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About Basic Tutorials

Sameer Mohire
Basic Tutorials
Academic Head
School Management Committee
BG Academy, CBSE School, Wakad
Past President Lions Club of Pune Kingdom


Basic Tutorials was started by Mr.Sameer Mohire 18 years ago when he started helping students coming to his parents for tuitions.

Initially he started teaching primary students and after gaining enough experience and confidence started guiding secondary students. It is unfortunately a fact that till 7th standard most of the parents are only interested in the child scoring 80-90% without giving much importance to the basic concepts and understanding. It is easy to score in lower standards by depending on mugging habit, but in higher standards it becomes difficult and some children literally collapse under pressure.

So we at BASIC TUTORIALS give more importance to reasoning, understanding, thinking and then scoring, which helps in the long run. Unless and untill the foundation is strong you can't even think of rising higher.

You may find that for the initial couple of months,your child may not score as much as expected by you,as the time is spent in understanding the child and making him understand.

We do not believe in instant artificial success, as what comes fast also goes fast.
So please be patient, have faith in us and your child and believe me, whatever we do will be for the long-term betterment of your child.
Please note that we at BASIC TUTORIALS give importance to overall development of the child. So minor but important matters like discipline, regularity, honesty, ethics and moral values will also be looked after. While doing so you may find us at times stricter, harsh, but I hope you will bear with us.

Always striving to work hand in hand with you for the betterment of your child.




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